Snowboard Kids

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1Infinite Cash81122728 C350
2Only One Lap to Race811226C8 0009
3Enable Sinobin18110B29E 0100
4Gold Medals810ECE62 0101
810ECE64 0101
810ECE66 0101
810ECE68 0101
810ECE6A 0101
810ECE6C 0101
5Open All Tracks800ECE7C 0003
6Time modifier281121fb4 00??

1To select Sinobin use left direction button and move all the way to the left.
2It doesnt work like put 22 and the time will stop and stay at 22 it works like 34 could make it stop at 12 secs the number values dont stand for the sec values except 4 i think hehe

Datel1, 2, 3, 4, 5