International Superstar Soccer '98

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1Home Team Scores 2080119F2B 0009
2Home Team Scores 080119F2B 0000
3Away Team Scores 2080119F2F 0009
4Away Team Scores 080119F2F 0009
5Infinite Character Creation Points801AC581 003C
Create a Player Codes
6AR Button For Max Scoring883E0CE7 0063
7AR Button For Max G. Kick883E0CE8 0063
8AR Button For Max Curve883E0CE9 0063
9AR Button For Max Speed883E0CEA 0063
10AR Button For Max Dash883E0CEB 0063
11AR Button For Max Retain883E0CEF 0063
12AR Button For Max Defense883E0CF0 0063
13AR Button For Max Pass883E0CF1 0063
14Face Editor80147B34 00JK
80147B35 00PQ
80147B36 00XY
15AR Button For All Special Skills883E0CFE 0006
16Sensible Soccer Mode811A32E0 4280
811A26D4 4430
80147B73 0001
17Infinite Subs (Multi only)811478C0 0303
811F242C 0A03
18Ball can hardly leave the floor810CAAFC 3FB3
19Ultimate glitch code1810ace8a 0016
810acf0a 0016
810b198a 0018
810b1a0a 0018
810caafc 414c
20Ball stays chest height810caafc 414c
21Amount of goals to win a penalty shoot out modifier2803971B3 000?
22Ball on floor and air3810ace8a 0001
23Ball on floor and air4810ace8a 0004

1Players necks stretch longer (usually subs) +you can score throwins and corners and goal kicks but even though the goal kicks go in they dont count :( the ball stays 8ft high and hovers til hits the ground which it never does +the ball is almost impossible to control the computer keeps headering the ball in a straight line until out of play + pens easy to score cus you aim say bottom left the keeper dives where the ball usually is but it 8ft high remember and goes inline with that but higher + the arrows for corners goal kicks and free kicks is doubled 1 slightly higher
2If you put 5 or 6 you only need 1 goal to win and if you put 3 or 4 in you need 4 goals but the 3 one is weird sometimes you win when they score all their goals and you score 1 and when your equal with goals and you score your final goal they dont get their last pen dunno y? you just win :) anyway mess around with it a bit and mail me with other values that do other stuff
3It might be the other way around real ball in air i cant remember lol and cant be bothered to check
4Same but ball thats usually on loor is slightly higher

Datel1, 2, 3, 4, 5
slab6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
the pelican14, 15
StevieB16, 17
GE_EXPERT18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23