Hexen 64

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1Invincibility8113F11C FFFF
2Always Have Axe/Staff/Frost Shards8013F147 00FF
3Always Have Hammer/Firestorm/Arc of Death8013F149 00FF
4Always Have Quietus/Wraithverge/Bloodscourge8013F14B 00FF
5Infinite Blue Mana8013F14D 00CF
6Infinite Green Mana8013F14F 00CF
7Have All Items And Artifacts Note1N/A
8Have All Items And Artifacts Note #22N/A
9Have All Items And Artifacts (1/2)8013F119 0020
8013F091 0001
8013F093 00FF
8013F095 0002
8013F097 00FF
8013F099 0003
8013F09B 00FF
8013F09D 0004
10Have All Items And Artifacts (2/2)8013F09F 00FF
8013F0A1 0005
8013F0A3 00FF
8013F0A5 0006
8013F0A7 00FF
8013F0A9 0007
8013F0AB 00FF
8013F0AD 0008
8013F0AF 00FF
8013F0B1 0009
8013F0B3 00FF
8013F0B5 000A
8013F0B7 00FF
8013F0B9 000B
8013F0BB 00FF
8013F0BD 000C
8013F0BF 00FF
8013F0C1 000D
8013F0C3 00FF
8013F0C5 000E
8013F0C7 00FF
8013F0C9 000F
8013F0CB 00FF
8013F0CD 0010
8013F0CF 00FF
8013F0D1 0011
8013F0D3 00FF
8013F0D5 0012
8013F0D7 00FF
8013F0D9 0013
8013F0DB 00FF
8013F0DD 0014
8013F0DF 00FF
8013F0E1 0015
8013F0E3 00FF
8013F0E5 0016
8013F0E7 00FF
8013F0E9 0017
8013F0EB 00FF
8013F0ED 0018
8013F0EF 00FF
8013F0F1 0019
8013F0F3 00FF
8013F0F5 001B
8013F0F7 00FF
8013F0F9 001C
8013F0FB 00FF
8013F0FD 001D
8013F0FF 00FF
8013F101 001E
8013F103 00FF
8013F105 001F
8013F107 00FF
8013F109 0020
8013F10B 00FF
11Open Main Cheat Menu80137D43 0005
12Open All Options in Cheat Menu81137C66 FFFF
13Activate Cheat Modifier38013F157 00??
14Have All Keys8113F12C 07FF
15Boots of Speed Always on8113F128 03FF
16Icon of The Defender Always on8113F11C 03FF
17Wings of Wrath Always on8013F123 03FF
18???? Always on8113F12A 03FF
19Character Modifier48014BD19 000?
20Difficulty Modifier8013F7E3 000?
21Weapon Modifier58013F141 000?
Player 2 Codes
22Invincibility8113F2B8 FFFF
23Icon Of The Defender Always On8113F2B8 03FF
24Boots Of Speed Always On8113F2C4 03FF
25Wings Of Wraith Always On8113F2BE 03FF
26???? Always On8113F2C6 03FF
27Have All Keys8113F2C8 07FF
28Infinite Blue Mana8013F2E9 00CF
29Infinite Green Mana8013F2EB 00CF
30Always Have Fist/Mace/Staff8013F2E1 00FF
31Always Have Axe/Staff/Frost Shards8013F2E3 00FF
32Always Have Hammer/Firestorm/Arc of Death8013F2E5 00FF
33Always Have Quietus/Wraithverge/Bloodscourge8013F2E7 00FF
34Weapon Modifier8013F2DD 000?
Player 3 Codes
35Invincibility8113F454 FFFF
36Icon Of The Defender Always On8113F454 03FF
37Boots Of Speed Always On8113F460 03FF
38Wings Of Wraith Always On8113F45A 03FF
39???? Always On8113F462 03FF
40Have All Keys8113F464 07FF
41Infinite Blue Mana8013F485 00CF
42Infinite Green Mana8013F487 00CF
43Always Have Fist/Mace/Staff8013F47D 00FF
44Always Have Axe/Staff/Frost Shards8013F47F 00FF
45Always Have Hammer/Firestorm/Arc of Death8013F481 00FF
46Always Have Quietus/Wraithverge/Bloodscourge8013F483 00FF
47Weapon Modifier8013F479 000?
Player 4 Codes
48Invincibility8113F5F0 FFFF
49Icon Of The Defender Always On8113F5F0 03FF
50Boots Of Speed Always On8113F5FC 03FF
51Wings Of Wraith Always On8113F5F6 03FF
52???? Always On8113F5FE 03FF
53Have All Keys8113F600 07FF
54Infinite Blue Mana8013F621 00CF
55Infinite Green Mana8013F623 00CF
56Always Have Fist/Mace/Staff8013F619 00FF
57Always Have Axe/Staff/Frost Shards8013F61B 00FF
58Always Have Hammer/Firestorm/Arc of Death8013F61D 00FF
59Always Have Quietus/Wraithverge/Bloodscourge8013F61F 00FF
60Weapon Modifier8013F615 000?

1As you can see the list of codes for 'Have All Items/Artifacts' is quite long. I am a bit dubious about giving these codes out at the moment. This is because the Cheat Device at the moment will only activate 15 codes at a time (New Patch Coming Soon!!), so as you can see there is 5 times that amount of codes above. As you will know from Hexen, to select an Artifact you move along a scrolling bar until you reach the item you would like to use.
2From the above codes you will see the first code is 8013F119 0020. This code opens the appropriate amount of slots in the activation bar. This particular code will open 32 slots (0x20 [HEX] = 32 [Decimal]). You can adjust the value of this code to how many items you have or you can just leave it at 0x20. Looking at the Next code which is, 8013F091 0001. 8013DAC1 corresponds to the slot in which the artifact will be placed. In this case it is slot 1 on the activation bar. 0001 corresponds to which item is to be placed in the activation bar. There are 32 in all. If any one would like to make a list of all the item names I will add it to the page. Some of the objects only work on some of the levels so if anyone wants to tell me about that, I will also make note of it on the page. So from the above you can infer correctly that at the moment you can enter 7 items at a time.
300 - None
01 - No Clipping
02 - God Mode
03 - No Clipping & God Mode
40 - Fighter
1 - Cleric
2 - Mage
5You can still only use the weapons that are made for your character.

Datel1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
N/A7, 8
Viper1879, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60