Daffy Duck starring as Duck Dodgers

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1Infinite Lives80026DE7 0005
2Infinite Health180026DE3 0004
3Infinite Quarks80159663 00??
4Infinite Atoms80159667 00??
5Infinite Time (Basketball Gym)8029F901 42A1
6CPU Can't Score (Digital Tennis)801D7B4B 0000
7P1 Left Side (Digital Tennis)2801D7B2F 0000
8P2 Right Side (CPU Code)801D7B4B 0000
9Infinite Double Jump3811fd86 000?
10Motion Modifier4811CFCOC ??00
11Voice Modifier581133724 ??00

1If you are using the code Generator,you can go to the In-game menu and turn the code off because if you fall in a hole you get trapped
25 to win
3Fill in ? with one of the following:

0 Infinite Double Jump
1 Can't Double Jump

Note: If you go to far up or out of the normal boundaries you will lose a life.
4If you use the Motion Mod, you have to have the code generator on and disable the codes until gameplay or it will freeze. If you assign it to the Cheat Device Button you have to press the button every time you go into a new area.

40 Fast Motion
3F Slow Motion
540 Fast Voice
3F Slow Voice

Hobbit1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Mr Codester9, 10, 11