Bomberman 64

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1Infinite Lives802AC617 0063
2Stop Timer802AC633 0000
3Infinite Credits802AC61B 0063
4Press PAR Button For 99 Gems882AC61F 0063
5Best Bomb802AC640 FFFF
6Have All Gold Cards8008E575 00FF
8108E576 FFFF
8108E578 FFFF
8108E57A FFFF
8108E57C FFFF
7Have All Custom Armour8108E570 FFFF
8108E572 FFFF
8108E574 FFFF
8Remote Bomb All Time800AEE0B 0002
9Infinite Pink Hearts810AEE06 0002

Datel1, 2, 3, 4
slab6, 7
Jack of Oz8, 9