Tomb Raider 4 Last Revelation

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1Have ShotgunDD30F095 000000FF
2Have Crossbow And Laser SightF3F5E5CC 000000FF
3Have Grenade GunDDC8F095 000000FF
4Have Revolver
laser Sight
F30DE5CC 000000FF
5Have Laser Sight150C65DB 000000FF
6Unlimited Small Medical Kits5697441D 0000FFFF
7Unlimited Large Medical Kits8B4BBE4A 0000FFFF
8Have Unlimited Flares8B73BE4A 0000FFFF
9Have Unlimited Uzi AmmoDE78B095 0000FFFF
10Unlimited Revolver Ammo16BC25DB 0000FFFF
11Infinite Normal Shotgun Ammo2087500F 0000FFFF
12Infinite Wideshot Shotgun Ammo56CF441D 0000FFFF
13Infinite Normal Grenade Ammo79D5E048 0000FFFF
14Infinite Super Grenade AmmoA00B62DB 0000FFFF
15Infinite Flash Grenade AmmoA03362DB 0000FFFF
16Infinite Normal Crossbow AmmoDE20B095 0000FFFF
17Infinite Poison Crossbow AmmoF0F9A5CC 0000FFFF
18Infinite Experiencelosive Crossbow Ammo3F29170D 0000FFFF
19Have UziC28F94B2 000000FF
20Have ShotgunDD30F095 000000FF
21Have Crossbow And Laser SightF3F5E5CC 000000FF
22Have Grenade GunDDC8F095 000000FF
23Have Revolver
laser Sight
F30DE5CC 000000FF
24Have Laser Sight150C65DB 000000FF
25Unlimited Small Medical Kits5697441D 0000FFFF
26Unlimited Large Medical Kits8B4BBE4A 0000FFFF
27Have Unlimited Flares8B73BE4A 0000FFFF
28Have Unlimited Uzi AmmoDE78B095 0000FFFF
29Unlimited Revolver Ammo16BC25DB 0000FFFF
30Infinite Normal Shotgun Ammo2087500F 0000FFFF
31Infinite Wideshot Shotgun Ammo56CF441D 0000FFFF
32Infinite Normal Grenade Ammo79D5E048 0000FFFF
33Infinite Super Grenade AmmoA00B62DB 0000FFFF
34Infinite Flash Grenade AmmoA03362DB 0000FFFF
35Infinite Normal Crossbow AmmoDE20B095 0000FFFF
36Infinite Poison Crossbow AmmoF0F9A5CC 0000FFFF
37Infinite Experiencelosive Crossbow Ammo3F29170D 0000FFFF

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