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Game NameCodesUpdated
007 (Japanese)304/10/2005
2020 Super Baseball204/10/2005
3 Ninjas Kick Back (US)104/10/2005
3x3 Eyes - Jyuma Houkan (Jap)404/10/2005
46 Okunen Monogatari (Jap)304/10/2005
7th Saga (US)8204/10/2005
ABC Monday Night Football (Jap)104/10/2005
ABC Monday Night Football (US)704/10/2005
Aaahh! Real Monsters (US)704/10/2005
Acme Animation Factory104/10/2005
Acrobat Mission (Jap)204/10/2005
Act Raiser (French)504/10/2005
Act Raiser (German)504/10/2005
Act Raiser (Jap)504/10/2005
Act Raiser (US)4004/10/2005
Act Raiser 2 (Europe)504/10/2005
Act Raiser 2 (US)5504/10/2005
Act Raiser 2 - Chinmoku heno Seisen (Jap)504/10/2005
Action Pachio (Jap)204/10/2005
Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (Beta)204/10/2005
Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (Europe)204/10/2005
Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (US)204/10/2005
Addams Family Values (Europe)104/10/2005
Addams Family Values (US)4204/10/2005
Addams Family, The (Europe)204/10/2005
Addams Family, The (Jap)204/10/2005
Addams Family, The (US)3304/10/2005
Adventures of Batman & Robin, The604/10/2005
Adventures of Dr Franken (Europe)504/10/2005
Adventures of Dr Franken (US)504/10/2005
Adventures of Kid Kleets (US)404/10/2005
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (US)304/10/2005
Aero Fighters (US)604/10/2005
Aero The Acro-Bat (US)104/10/2005
Aero The Acro-Bat 2 (US)2004/10/2005
Aero the Acro-Bat (Europe)104/10/2005
Air Cavalry (US)904/10/2005
Akazukin Cha Cha (Jap)804/10/2005
Akumajo Dracula (Jap)304/10/2005
Akumajo Dracula XX (Jap)304/10/2005
Al Unser Jr's Road To The Top (US)104/10/2005
Al Unser Jr's Road to the Top (Europe)104/10/2005
Aladdin (Beta)404/10/2005
Aladdin (Europe)404/10/2005
Aladdin (French)404/10/2005
Aladdin (German)404/10/2005
Aladdin (Jap)404/10/2005
Aladdin (US)3904/10/2005
Albert Odyssey (Jap)304/10/2005
Albert Odyssey 2 (Jap)404/10/2005
Alcahest (Jap)404/10/2005
Alfred Chicken (Europe)604/10/2005
Alfred Chicken (US)604/10/2005
Alien 3 (Beta)504/10/2005
Alien 3 (Europe)404/10/2005
Alien 3 (Jap)404/10/2005
Alien 3 (US)3104/10/2005
Alien Vs Predator (US)4904/10/2005
Aliens Vs Predator (Jap)204/10/2005
America Oudan Ultra Quiz (Jap)104/10/2005
American Battle Dome (Jap)104/10/2005
Ancient Magic - Bazoo! Mahou Sekai (Jap)404/10/2005
Andre Agassi Tennis (Jap)204/10/2005
Animaniacs (Europe)204/10/2005
Animaniacs (Jap)204/10/2005
Animaniacs (US)1004/10/2005
Aokidensetu Shoot! (Jap)104/10/2005
Appleseed (Jap)104/10/2005
Aqutallion (Jap)104/10/2005
Arabian Knights - Sabaku no Seirei Ou (Jap)404/10/2005
Araiguma Rascal (Jap)104/10/2005
Arcana (US)1704/10/2005
Archer MacLean's Dropzone (Europe)104/10/2005
Arcus Spirits (Beta)104/10/2005
Arcus Spirits (Jap)104/10/2005
Ardy Lightfoot (Beta)104/10/2005
Ardy Lightfoot (Europe)304/10/2005
Ardy Lightfoot (Jap)304/10/2005
Ardy Lightfoot (US)304/10/2005
Area 88 (Jap)104/10/2005
Aretha (Jap)204/10/2005
Aretha 2 - Ariel no Fushigi na Bouken (Beta)404/10/2005
Aretha 2 - Ariel no Fushigi na Bouken (Jap)404/10/2005
Arkanoid - Doh it Again (Europe)1104/10/2005
Arkanoid - Doh it Again (Jap)1104/10/2005
Arkanoid - Doh it Again (US)1404/10/2005
Armor Police Metal Jack (Jap)704/10/2005
Art Of Fighting 2 (Jap)104/10/2005
Art of Fighting (Europe)604/10/2005
Art of Fighting (US)604/10/2005
Aryol (Jap)104/10/2005
Asahi Shinbun Rensai Kato Hihumi 9dan Shogi Shingiryu (Jap)204/10/2005
Asameshimae Nyanko (Jap)204/10/2005
Assault Suits Valken (Jap)404/10/2005
Asterix & Obelix (Europe)404/10/2005
Asterix (Europe)504/10/2005
Astral Bout (Jap)204/10/2005
Astral Bout 2, Sougou Kakutougi (Jap)204/10/2005
Astral Bout 3, RINGS (Jap)104/10/2005
Astro Boy (Japanese)204/10/2005
Atlas, The - Renaissance Voyager (Jap)404/10/2005
Axelay (Europe)104/10/2005
Axelay (Jap)104/10/2005
Axelay (US)2804/10/2005
BS Dr. Mario104/10/2005
BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium 1304/10/2005
BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium 2304/10/2005
BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium 4304/10/2005
BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium 4304/10/2005
BS F-Zero 2 (Jap)304/10/2005
BS Mario Collection 3304/10/2005
BS Super Mario USA 1204/10/2005
BS Super Mario USA 2204/10/2005
BS Super Mario USA 3204/10/2005
BS Super Mario USA 4204/10/2005
BS Zelda (Japanese)3204/10/2005
Bart's Nightmare2504/10/2005
Bass Masters104/10/2005
Bassmaster Pro204/10/2005
Batman (BETA)204/10/2005
Batman Forever104/10/2005
Batman Returns2704/10/2005
Batman: Revenge of the Joker204/10/2005
Battle Cars204/10/2005
Battle Clash1404/10/2005
Battle Pinball (Jap)104/10/2005
Battle Tank104/10/2005
Battletoads Double Dragon1604/10/2005
Battletoads In Battle Maniacs2504/10/2005
Bazooka Blitzkrieg1004/10/2005
Beavis And Butthead404/10/2005
Best of The Best: Championship Karate1204/10/2005
Big Sky Trooper304/10/2005
Biker Mice From Mars404/10/2005
Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball1604/10/2005
Blues Brothers, The604/10/2005
Bobby's World104/10/2005
Bomberman B-Damian104/10/2005
Boxing Legends of The Ring3604/10/2005
Brain Lord904/10/2005
Brainies, The104/10/2005
Brawl Brothers204/10/2005
Breath Of Fire10804/10/2005
Breath of Fire 221404/10/2005
Brutal - Paws of Fury404/10/2005
Bubsy In Claws Encounters of The Furred Kind (Beta)404/10/2005
Bubsy: In Claws Encounters of The Furred Kind4104/10/2005
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage204/10/2005
Cacoma Knight In Bizyland1404/10/2005
Captain America and the Avengers604/10/2005
Car Ranger204/10/2005
Castlevania: Dracula X3804/10/2005
Chavez Boxing (US) (Possible Beta)104/10/2005
Chessmaster, The604/10/2005
Chester Cheetah Too Cool To Fool804/10/2005
Chrono Trigger31204/10/2005
Clay Fighter2804/10/2005
Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay304/10/2005
Congo's Capers1004/10/2005
Contra 3: Alien Wars2804/10/2005
Cool Spot1404/10/2005
Cool World1304/10/2005
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions10704/10/2005
Darius Force504/10/2005
Darius Twin2904/10/2005
Death And Return of Superman, The704/10/2005
Demolition Man604/10/2005
Demon's Crest2004/10/2005
Desert Strike11204/10/2005
Donkey Kong Country 21504/10/2005
Donkey Kong Country 31304/10/2005
Donkey Kong Country6904/10/2005
Doomsday Warrior1604/10/2005
Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls704/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Hyper Dimension (J)304/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Legend of The Super Saiya-jins (Japanese)7504/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden (F)804/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 2 La Legende Saien (F)104/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Super Sayin Goko404/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Menace (F)204/10/2005
Dragon Quest 1 & 2 (Japanese)3604/10/2005
Dragon Quest 1 & 2 Reprise & BSX Dragon Quest9204/10/2005
Dragon Quest 6 (Japanese)1804/10/2005
Dragon Quest III Remix9904/10/2005
Dragon Quest VI47404/10/2005
Dragon Quest V30204/10/2005
Dragon View704/10/2005
Dragon's Lair1104/10/2005
DragonBall Z - Super Butoden104/10/2005
DragonBall Z 2104/10/2005
Dragonball Z HD104/10/2005
Dragonballs 1104/10/2005
Dragonballs 3804/10/2005
Dream TV1204/10/2005
Dual Orb 2204/10/2005
Dungeon Master8704/10/2005
E.V.O. - Search For Eden2804/10/2005
Earthworm Jim404/10/2005
Extra Innings1504/10/2005
Eye of The Beholder5304/10/2005
F1-ROC: Race of Champions5004/10/2005
Faceball 20007304/10/2005
Family Dog3004/10/2005
Far East of Eden Zero1504/10/2005
Fatal Fury 21604/10/2005
Fatal Fury Special404/10/2005
Fatal Fury2104/10/2005
Fighter's History 2 (Japanese)1204/10/2005
Final Fantasy 22304/10/2005
Final Fantasy 3 (Jap)804/10/2005
Final Fantasy 311604/10/2005
Final Fantasy 4 (Jap)104/10/2005
Final Fantasy 511104/10/2005
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest7104/10/2005
Final Fight 22804/10/2005
Final Fight 3 (Beta)304/10/2005
Final Fight 32204/10/2005
Final Fight2604/10/2005
Fire Emblem 3404/10/2005
Fire Striker (Beta)304/10/2005
Firepower 20004304/10/2005
First Samurai104/10/2005
Frantic Flea (Beta)204/10/2005
Front Mission1504/10/2005
GP-1: Part II604/10/2005
Genghis Khan 2704/10/2005
George Foreman's KO Boxing604/10/2005
Ghoul Patrol1504/10/2005
Godzilla: Kaiju Dai Kessen1204/10/2005
Gokujyou Parodius (Beta)104/10/2005
Goof Troop1104/10/2005
Gradius 3804/10/2005
Guliver Boy1404/10/2005
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (Japanese)2104/10/2005
Hakunetsu Professional Baseball Ganba League '93 (Beta)504/10/2005
Hal's Hole In One Golf404/10/2005
Hammerin' Harry (Japanese)404/10/2005
Harley's Humongous Adventure (Beta)304/10/2005
Harley's Humungous Adventure2904/10/2005
Harvest Moon4604/10/2005
Holy Striker404/10/2005
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York1504/10/2005
Home Alone904/10/2005
Hunt For The Red October2204/10/2005
Ignition Factor1304/10/2005
Illusion of Gaia3504/10/2005
Incredible Hulk, The904/10/2005
Indiana Jones Trilogy804/10/2005
Inindo: Way of The Ninja104/10/2005
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe204/10/2005
Jack Nicklaus Golf2004/10/2005
James Bond Jr3904/10/2005
Jelly Boy 2204/10/2005
Jerry Boy304/10/2005
Jetsons, The: The Invasion of The Planet Pirates504/10/2005
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension In 3D604/10/2005
Joe And Mac 2 - Lost In The Tropics2204/10/2005
Joe And Mac2004/10/2005
John Madden Football4704/10/2005
Judge Dredd3104/10/2005
Jungle Book, The1904/10/2005
Jungle Strike1804/10/2005
Jurassic Park II2004/10/2005
Jurassic Park2304/10/2005
Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge2104/10/2005
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball904/10/2005
Killer Instinct3704/10/2005
King Arthur's World5804/10/2005
King Of The Monsters 2404/10/2005
King of The Dragons2304/10/2005
King of The Monsters504/10/2005
Kirby Superstar104/10/2005
Kirby's Dream Course904/10/2005
Knights of The Round4104/10/2005
Krusty's Super Fun House1504/10/2005
Lamborghini American Challenge1004/10/2005
Last Action Hero, The304/10/2005
Legend of Mystical Ninja, The3204/10/2005
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past16904/10/2005
Legend of the Mystical Ninja3104/10/2005
Lemmings 2704/10/2005
Lester The Unlikely704/10/2005
Lethal Enforcers1604/10/2005
Lethal Weapon1304/10/2005
Lion King, The504/10/2005
Lord of The Rings404/10/2005
Lucky Luke (BETA)304/10/2005
Lufia 2: Rise of The Sinistrals4104/10/2005
Lufia and The Fortress of Doom6704/10/2005
Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie404/10/2005
Madden NFL '944604/10/2005
Madden NFL '951704/10/2005
Madden NFL '96: Reviewer Version404/10/2005
Magic Knight Rayearth104/10/2005
Magic Sword2504/10/2005
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse104/10/2005
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse1804/10/2005
Mario Is Missing504/10/2005
Mario Paint404/10/2005
Mario's Time Machine404/10/2005
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems204/10/2005
Mask, The304/10/2005
Mecarobot Golf3604/10/2005
Mega Lo Mania104/10/2005
Mega Man Soccer1604/10/2005
MegaMan 74804/10/2005
MegaMan 91904/10/2005
MegaMan X22904/10/2005
MegaMan X34004/10/2005
MegaMan X6404/10/2005
Metal Marines404/10/2005
Metal Morph604/10/2005
Metal Warriors2104/10/2005
Michael Jordan: Chaos In The Windy City1204/10/2005
Mickey Mania504/10/2005
Might And Magic 2604/10/2005
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition104/10/2005
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers3204/10/2005
Mohawk & Headphone Jack704/10/2005
Moon Cresta404/10/2005
Mortal Kombat 2904/10/2005
Mortal Kombat 35904/10/2005
Mortal Kombat16504/10/2005
Mr. Do304/10/2005
Mr. Nutz404/10/2005
Ms. Pac Man204/10/2005
NBA All-Star Challenge704/10/2005
NBA Give 'N Go504/10/2005
NBA Hangtime304/10/2005
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition1204/10/2005
NBA Jam5404/10/2005
NBA Live '95304/10/2005
NBA Live '96204/10/2005
NBA Live '97204/10/2005
NBA Live '98204/10/2005
NBA Showdown804/10/2005
NCAA Basketball304/10/2005
NCAA College Football204/10/2005
NCAA Final Four404/10/2005
NFL Football404/10/2005
NFL Quarterback Club '96204/10/2005
NHL Stanley Cup4404/10/2005
NHLPA Hockey '932004/10/2005
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing4904/10/2005
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy4704/10/2005
Ninja Warriors Again204/10/2005
Nolan Ryan's Baseball1104/10/2005
Ogre Battle 2 - Tactics Ogre504/10/2005
Ogre Battle191904/10/2005
On The Ball5404/10/2005
Operation Logic Bomb1604/10/2005
Out To Lunch104/10/2005
PGA Tour Golf304/10/2005
Pac In Time704/10/2005
Pac-Man (Public - Japanese)204/10/2005
Paladin's Quest2404/10/2005
Paperboy 2204/10/2005
Phantom 20402104/10/2005
Pink Panther In Pink Goes To Hollywood304/10/2005
Pirates of Dark Water804/10/2005
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure2004/10/2005
Pocky And Rocky2104/10/2005
Pocky and Rocky 2304/10/2005
Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday204/10/2005
Power Rangers: The Movie204/10/2005
Primal Rage1104/10/2005
Prince of Persia 2104/10/2005
Prince of Persia4604/10/2005
Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt1904/10/2005
Q-Bert 3 (? Version)10604/10/2005
Q-Bert 3 (Jap)204/10/2005
Q-Bert 3 (US)204/10/2005
R-Type 3204/10/2005
Radical Dreamers (Japanese)304/10/2005
Raiden Trad504/10/2005
Ranma (US)2104/10/2005
Ranma Part 1 (Jap)1404/10/2005
Ranma Part 2 (Jap)1604/10/2005
Redline F-1 Racer504/10/2005
Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Firedogs404/10/2005
Ren And Stimpy - Veediots!904/10/2005
Revolution X404/10/2005
Rival Turf1804/10/2005
River City Ransom 2 (Japanese)204/10/2005
Road Riot 4WD704/10/2005
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally6004/10/2005
Robocop 3504/10/2005
Robocop VS. Terminator704/10/2005
Rock 'N Roll Racing1804/10/2005
Rockman And Forte (Japanese)3404/10/2005
Rocko's Modern Life404/10/2005
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4204/10/2005
Romancing Saga 319604/10/2005
Run Saber2504/10/2005
Sailor Moon - Another Story1104/10/2005
Sailor Moon RPG (Japanese)1604/10/2005
Samurai Shodown604/10/2005
Samurai Spirits Alpha304/10/2005
Samurai Spirits304/10/2005
Saturday Night Slam Masters9404/10/2005
Secret Of Mana (US Version 2)504/10/2005
Secret Of The Stars904/10/2005
Secret of Evermore7004/10/2005
Secret of Mana (US Version 1)1004/10/2005
Secret of Mana 2904/10/2005
Secret of Mana21804/10/2005
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japanese)9104/10/2005
Seperation Anxiety604/10/2005
Side Pocket404/10/2005
Sim City1404/10/2005
Simpsons, The: Bart's Nightmare204/10/2005
Sky Blaze104/10/2005
Sonic Blast Man 2404/10/2005
Sonic Blast Man2504/10/2005
Space Invaders104/10/2005
Space Megaforce3904/10/2005
Speedy Gonzales704/10/2005
Spider-Man And The X-Men: Arcade's Revenge4704/10/2005
Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage1704/10/2005
Spider-Man And Venom: Separation Anxiety804/10/2005
Spindizzy Worlds804/10/2005
Star Fox 2 (Final - Unreleased)304/10/2005
Star Fox 2 (Oldest Beta)604/10/2005
Star Ocean (Japanese)3804/10/2005
Star Trek: The Next Generation4604/10/2005
Starfox: Competition Edition204/10/2005
Street Fighter 2: Turbo Edition20304/10/2005
Street Fighter 214004/10/2005
Strike Gunner1104/10/2005
Stunt Racer FX804/10/2005
Sunset Riders2004/10/2005
Super 3D Noah's Ark904/10/2005
Super Adventure Island1904/10/2005
Super Aquatic Games204/10/2005
Super Bases Loaded2504/10/2005
Super Bass Masters Classic204/10/2005
Super Battletank1004/10/2005
Super Black Bass1204/10/2005
Super Bomberman 25604/10/2005
Super Bomberman 33804/10/2005
Super Bomberman 47204/10/2005
Super Bomberman 55104/10/2005
Super Bomberman3904/10/2005
Super Bonk1304/10/2005
Super Buster Bros.904/10/2005
Super Castlevania 44304/10/2005
Super Chase HQ304/10/2005
Super Double Dragon204/10/2005
Super Empire Strikes Back11704/10/2005
Super Famicom Wars404/10/2005
Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts4104/10/2005
Super James Pond 2104/10/2005
Super Mario All Stars18304/10/2005
Super Mario Kart3704/10/2005
Super Mario RPG20504/10/2005
Super Mario War (Public ROM - Japanese)104/10/2005
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island1304/10/2005
Super Mario World12704/10/2005
Super Metroid15704/10/2005
Super Ninja Boy2704/10/2005
Super Off Road: The Baja2004/10/2005
Super Off Road1804/10/2005
Super Off Road3104/10/2005
Super Off-Road: The Baja1004/10/2005
Super Pang204/10/2005
Super Punch Out3904/10/2005
Super R-Type III304/10/2005
Super R-Type504/10/2005
Super Return of The Jedi2804/10/2005
Super Smash TV704/10/2005
Super Soccer104/10/2005
Super Star Wars9004/10/2005
Super Street Fighter 23904/10/2005
Super Strike Eagle2004/10/2005
Super Turrican4904/10/2005
Super V.G. (Japanese)304/10/2005
Super Valis IV1304/10/2005
Swat Kats (US)404/10/2005
T2: The Arcade Game704/10/2005
TMNT IV: Turtles In Time1004/10/2005
TMNT Tournament Fighters4504/10/2005
Tactics Ogre99704/10/2005
Tales of Phantasia3404/10/2005
Tecmo Super Bowl 3104/10/2005
Tecmo Super Bowl5204/10/2005
Tenchi Muyo RPG (Japanese)1804/10/2005
Tetris & Dr. Mario904/10/2005
Tetris Attack1204/10/2005
Thunder Spirits204/10/2005
Tintin - Prisoners of The Sun204/10/2005
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose3704/10/2005
Tom & Jerry604/10/2005
Top Gear 24004/10/2005
Top Gear1004/10/2005
Total Carnage1204/10/2005
True Lies (Beta)704/10/2005
True Lies1204/10/2005
Tuff E Nuff5304/10/2005
Turn And Burn: No Fly Zone604/10/2005
Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, The204/10/2005
U.N. Squadron1204/10/2005
Ultimate Fighter304/10/2005
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 31504/10/2005
Ultraman: Towards The Future204/10/2005
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons8104/10/2005
Untouchables, The604/10/2005
Urban Strike604/10/2005
Vegas Stakes2204/10/2005
Violinist of Hamlin, The604/10/2005
WWF Raw304/10/2005
WWF Royal Rumble404/10/2005
WWF Super Wrestlemania1804/10/2005
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game104/10/2005
Wario's Woods104/10/2005
Wayne's World2804/10/2005
We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story3704/10/2005
Wild C.A.T.S.304/10/2005
Wing Commander1704/10/2005
Wizardry 52104/10/2005
Wolfenstein 3D1004/10/2005
Wonder Project J (Japanese)2404/10/2005
World Heroes 2204/10/2005
World Heroes1604/10/2005
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse704/10/2005
Yoshi's Cookie804/10/2005
Yoshi's Safari1904/10/2005
Young Merlin104/10/2005
Ys IV: Mask of The Sun304/10/2005
Ys: Wanderers From Ys 31504/10/2005
Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel404/10/2005
Zombies Ate My Neighbors16104/10/2005
ndam Wing: Endless Duelsnes14
Total Codes15234