Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Pre-Release Version

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Scene Replacement (Replaces Hyrule Field With Specified Scene)811C3BF0 AAAA
2Mesh Modifier (Changes The Mesh/Child Map That Is Loaded)1801EEE83 00XX

(Replaces South Clock Tower with the Grotto that has Dondogo)
811C3BF0 02EA
811C3BF2 2000
811C3BF4 02EB
811C3BF6 1CD0
801EEE83 0070

In order to find a location's pointer do a RAM search for aaaabbbb's value
and go to third result, usually it will be the pointer to that scene.

aaaa:bbbb:cccc:dddd- mapname area

+ I suggest if you want to use the mesh Modifer, before enabling cheats go to West Clock Town and then from there enter South Clock Town.
+ There are 100 scenes, and 11 removed ones.
+ In MM(J) there is an extra testing level from MQ Debug, it replaces all of the removed levels in MM(J).


01F1:A000:01F2:A630- Z2_SONCHONOIE (Southern Swamp)
02EA:2000:02EB:1CD0- Z2_GROTTOS* (Grottos)
02E9:4000:02EA:0740- Z2_INTRO2* (Introduction)
01F6:8000:01F7:2BC0- Z2_WITCH_SHOP (Swamp hag!)
01F7:D000:01F8:4880- Z2_LAST_BS (Majora)
0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_OMOYA (removed map)
0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_BOWLING (removed map)
0000:0000:0000:0000- Z2_20SICHITAI2 (removed map)
01F8:E000:01F9:A680- Z2_HAKASHITA (Caverns under Graveyard)
01FD:A000:01FE:5810- Z2_AYASHIISHOP (Black Market (010E0001) )
01FD:A000:01FE:5810- Z2_COWLAND* (Ranch Barn (01320000) )
0200:B000:0200:F0A0- KAKUSIANA (Honey and Darling Game)
0201:5000:0201:C4D0- SPOT00 (Mayor's Office)
0204:3000:0206:1380- Z2_IKANA (Ikana Canyon)
0209:D000:020A:ED20- Z2_KAIZOKU (Inner Pirate Fortress)
020C:3000:020D:03D0- Z2_MILK_BAR (Milk Bar)
020D:C000:020E:E630- Z2_INISIE_N (Stone Temple Main Upside Down)
0213:E000:0214:7880- Z2_TAKARAYA (Treasure Chest Game)
0215:0000:0216:2080- Z2_INISIE_R (Stone Temple Main Room)
021A:A000:021C:4FA0- Z2_OKUJOU (On Top of ClockTower)
021C:8000:021D:2E60- Z2_OPENINGDAN (Opening Introduction)
021E:6000:021F:D390- Z2_MITURIN (Woodfall Temple)
0225:6000:0225:DDF0- Z2_13HUBUKINOMITI (Snow Mountain Entrance)
0226:3000:0227:2870- Z2_CASTLE (Ikana Castle Outside)
022B:5000:022B:DE90- Z2_DEKUTES (Deku Mini Game)
022C:3000:022C:61B0- Z2_MITURIN_BS (Owalda, the democratic indian)
022C:9000:022D:26C0- Z2_SYATEKI_MIZU (Town Shooting Gallery)
022D:A000:022F:59D0- Z2_HAKUGIN (Snowhead Temple)
0236:D000:0237:06B0- Z2_ROMANYMAE (Road to Ranches)
0237:5000:0238:9650- Z2_PIRATE (Pirate Fortress)
0241:2000:0242:3CD0- Z2_SYATEKI_MORI (Swamp Archery Range)
0242:B000:0243:4EA0- Z2_SINKAI (Ocean)
0243:D000:0246:03C0- Z2_YOUSEI_IZUMI (Fairy Fountain)
0247:F000:0248:9C60- Z2_KINSTA1 (Swamp SpiderHouse)
024A:F000:024B:EE40- Z2_KINDAN2 (OceanSide SpiderHouse)
024F:5000:024F:D780- Z2_TENMON_DAI (Clocktower Sewers)
0252:A000:0252:DF90- Z2_LAST_DEKU (Moon Dungeon, Deku Part)
0254:1000:0254:E220- Z2_22DEKUCITY (Deku Palace)
0258:3000:0258:A9D0- Z2_KAJIYA (Blacksmith)
0259:9000:025D:1550- Z2_00KEIKOKU (Termina Field)
025F:B000:0260:47B0- Z2_POSTHOUSE (Post Office)
0260:E000:0261:BC40- Z2_LABO (Marine Research)
0262:5000:0262:AC50- Z2_DANPEI2TEST (Dampe's loveshack)
0264:8000:0265:51C0- Z2_16GORON_HOUSE (Goron Village: Inside)
0266:B000:0267:9770- Z2_33ZORACITY (Zora's Domain)
0268:5000:0268:F270- Z2_8ITEMSHOP (Trading Post)
0269:D000:026B:9460- Z2_F01 (Ranch - Main)
026C:8000:026C:AC10- Z2_INISIE_BS (Stone Tower Boss, vegeterian giant worm bros)
026C:C000:026E:ADD0- Z2_30GYOSON (GreatBay Coast Entrance)
0270:9000:0272:1F90- Z2_31MISAKI (GreatBay Coast 2)
0273:A000:0273:C610- Z2_TAKARAKUJI (Lottery House)
0274:0000:0274:C050- Z2_TORIDE (Pirate Fortress Outside)
0275:B000:0276:4150- Z2_FISHERMAN (Fisherman Hut)
0276:E000:0277:A330- Z2_GORONSHOP (Goron Village Shop)
0278:5000:0279:6BC0- Z2_DEKU_KING (Deku Castle Throne Room)
027A:1000:027A:A5C0- Z2_LAST_GORON (Moon Dungeon, Goron Part)
027C:6000:027C:DB50- Z2_24KEMONOMITI (Entrance to Southern Swamp)
027D:5000:027E:0920- Z2_F01_B (Ranch - Dog Racing)
027E:9000:027F:72B0- Z2_F01C (Ranch - Mohawk Kid)
027F:E000:0280:C1D0- Z2_BOTI (Graveyard)
0282:3000:0282:AFB0- Z2_HAKUGIN_BS (Goht, the local crazy bull)
0283:2000:0284:3560- Z2_20SICHITAI (Southern Swamp?)
0288:6000:0289:0FF0- Z2_21MITURINMAE (Woodfall: Poisoned)
028A:1000:028B:5820- Z2_LAST_ZORA (Moon Dungeon - Zora Area)
028C:5000:028C:B700- Z2_11GORONNOSATO2 (Goron Village: Unfrozen)
028E:6000:0290:2740- Z2_SEA (Frozen Cutscene)
0297:7000:0298:F800- Z2_35TAKI (Zora Race Game)
029A:9000:029B:6030- Z2_REDEAD (Ikana's Well)
02A0:D000:02A1:88B0- Z2_BANDROOM (Rooms of the Zora Band)
02A5:B000:02A6:0700- Z2_11GORONNOSATO (Goron Village: Frozen)
02A7:8000:02A8:0790- Z2_GORON_HAKA (Cutscene - Get goron mask)
02A8:9000:02A8:FA10- Z2_SECOM (Sakon's hideout)
02AA:4000:02AB:2650- Z2_10YUKIYAMANOMURA (Mountain Village: Frozen)
02AB:F000:02AC:57C0- Z2_TOUGITES (Spirit House)
02AC:B000:02AD:BB00- Z2_DANPEI (Deku Race track)
02B3:8000:02B4:0090- Z2_IKANAMAE (Entrance to Ikana Canyon)
02B4:6000:02B4:D530- Z2_DOUJOU (The Dojo)
02B5:5000:02B6:E800- Z2_MUSICHOUSE (Inside the Music House)
02B7:C000:02B8:7010- Z2_IKNINSIDE (Ikana Castle)
02B9:3000:02B9:A020- Z2_MAP_SHOP (Swamp Tour GuideHouse)
02BA:1000:02BB:5300- Z2_F40 (Stone Temple)
02BC:2000:02BD:5AF0- Z2_F41 (Stone Temple: Upside down)
02BE:2000:02BE:9060- Z2_10YUKIYAMANOMURA2 (Moutain Village: Unfrozen)
02C0:B000:02C1:0CF0- Z2_14YUKIDAMANOMITI (Mountain Area after village: Frozen)
02C1:6000:02C1:D560- Z2_12HAKUGINMAE (Snowhead Temple: Outside)
02C2:6000:02C2:FBB0- Z2_17SETUGEN (Mountain Area after village: Frozen)
02C3:8000:02C4:0AD0- Z2_17SETUGEN2 (Mountain Area after village: Unfrozen)
02C4:9000:02C4:E2F0- Z2_SEA_BS (Boss: Gyorg, the wonderful giant fish)
02C5:5000:02C6:00E0- Z2_RANDOM (Ikana Cavern behind water fall "Secret Shrine")
02C8:6000:02C9:5470- Z2_YADOYA (The inn)
02CC:C000:02CD:3220- Z2_KONPEKI_ENT (Great Bay Temple Introduction)
02CD:B000:02CE:2F40- Z2_INSIDETOWER (Twisting Corridor)
02CF:4000:02D0:04E0- Z2_26SARUNOMORI (Woods of Mystery)
02D2:4000:02D3:39D0- Z2_LOST_WOODS (CUTSCENE - Introduction Half2)
02D4:9000:02D5:0310- Z2_LAST_LINK (moon dungeon with dinofols)
02D6:7000:02D7:1FD0- Z2_SOUGEN (tree on moon)
02D7:A000:02D8:6970- Z2_BOMYA (Bombshop)
02D8:F000:02D9:DDB0- Z2_KYOJINNOMA (CUTSCENE - Learning Oath to Order)
02DA:0000:02DA:A490- Z2_KOEPONARACE (Horse Race)
02DB:4000:02DC:3690- Z2_GORONRACE (Goron Race)
02DD:2000:02DF:0770- Z2_TOWN (West Town)
02E0:9000:02E1:EE40- Z2_ICHIBA (East Town)
02E2:A000:02E3:AEE0- Z2_BACKTOWN (North Town)
02E4:6000:02E6:8660- Z2_CLOCKTOWER (South Town)
02E7:D000:02E8:A860- Z2_ALLEY (Laundry Pool)

Cendamos and JayTheHam1, 2