Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, European Debugger Build

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Scene Replacement (Replaces Hyrule Field With Specified Scene)8112A064 AAAA
8112A066 BBBB
8112A068 CCCC
8112A06A DDDD
2Mesh Modifier (Changes The Mesh/Child Map That Is Loaded)180223E0A 00XX

1Example: (Replaces Hyrule Field with Deku Tree) 8112A064 01FC
8112A066 2000
8112A068 01FC
8112A06A FA20

In order to find a location's pointer do a RAM search for aaaabbbb's value
and go to third result, usually it will be the pointer to that scene.

aaaa:bbbb:cccc:dddd- map-# area

+ It is best to use the code with the level select menu.
+ All the boss rooms have a beta mesh entrance. Use 1 as your value for the mesh Modifer.
+ Some scenes will not work when loaded in certain locations, if this happens try a different one.
+ There are graphical issues (textures dont animate) and some objects will change entirely (boss doors)!
+ There are 110 scenes and roughly 410 meshes.


01FC:2000:01FC:FA20- 000 Deku Tree
0203:A000:0204:F140- 001 Dondogo's Cavern
020E:0000:020F:57E0- 002 JabuJabu's Belly
0214:9000:0215:EF90- 003 Forest Temple
0221:3000:0222:D7D0- 004 Fire Temple
0230:B000:0232:0C30- 005 Water Temple
023D:C000:023F:5B20- 006 Spirit Temple
024E:A000:0250:23C0- 007 Shadow Temple
0258:E000:0259:A590- 008 Below the Well
025C:C000:025D:D6C0- 009 Ice Cavern
0313:0000:0314:07B0- 010 Ganon's Tower (Second Part)
0263:5000:0264:64C0- 011 Geruode Training Grounds
0340:B000:0341:8920- 012 Thieves' Hideout
026A:4000:026C:57D0- 013 Ganon's Tower
0350:5000:0350:CF10- 014 Ganon's Tower (Floor beneath boss chamber)
0358:C000:0359:0B00- 015 Ganon's Tower Crumbling (Exit)
034E:1000:034E:81B0- 016 Treasure Chest Shop
0310:1000:0310:2740- 017 Deku Tree Boss
030F:5000:030F:7860- 018 Dondogo Cavern Boss
02EF:D000:02EF:DE40- 019 JabuJabu's Belly Boss
02C7:4000:02C7:5900- 020 Forest Temple Boss
02F0:8000:02F0:CC00- 021 Fire Temple Boss
0311:D000:0311:EA60- 022 Water Temple Boss
031A:4000:031A:CCF0- 023 Spirit Temple Middle Boss
0311:1000:0311:3780- 024 Shadow Temple Boss
0319:6000:0319:DC20- 025 Second-To-Last Boss Ganondorf
0323:4000:0324:6180- 026 Ganondorf, Death Scene
02C4:D000:02C4:D3E0- 027 Market Entrance (Day)
02D9:D000:02D9:D430- 028 Market Entrance (Night)
02DC:4000:02DC:43E0- 029 Market Entrance (Adult)
02D0:7000:02D0:8250- 030 Back Alley (Day)
02DE:B000:02DE:C2F0- 031 Back Alley (Night)
02AE:4000:02AE:6670- 032 Market (Day)
02AE:D000:02AE:F630- 033 Market (Night)
02D9:8000:02D9:9630- 034 Market (Adult)
032D:D000:032D:E4E0- 035 Temple of Time (Outside - Day)
0334:C000:0334:D500- 036 Temple of Time (Outside - Night)
033A:1000:033A:2490- 037 Temple of Time (Outside - Adult)
02BB:C000:02BB:CCC0- 038 Know-it-all Brothers
02E6:8000:02E6:97A0- 039 House of Twins
031C:6000:031C:7AB0- 040 Mido's House
0320:1000:0320:2410- 041 Saria's House
02ED:1000:02ED:1EA0- 042 Kakariko Village House
0325:4000:0325:4840- 043 Back Alley Village House
02C9:F000:02C9:F2F0- 044 Kakariko Bazaar
02B8:A000:02B8:A980- 045 Kokiri Shop
02F7:F000:02F7:F3A0- 046 Goron Shop
02FA:7000:02FA:7390- 047 Zora Shop
02FC:F000:02FC:F3F0- 048 Kakariko Potion Shop
02FF:C000:02FF:C5B0- 049 Market Potion Shop
0302:4000:0302:4670- 050 Bombchu Shop
0354:B000:0354:B370- 051 Happy Mask Shop
02B6:0000:02B6:1B60- 052 Link's House
0304:E000:0304:ED10- 053 Puppy Woman's house in market
02EA:1000:02EA:1670- 054 Stables
0307:6000:0307:6EF0- 055 Impa's House
0347:F000:0349:0090- 056 Lake Hylia Labatory.
030A:4000:030A:4680- 057 Carpenter's Tent
02F1:9000:02F1:9510- 058 Dampe's Hut
02F4:4000:02F5:2000- 059 Great Fairy Fountain
02F5:F000:02F5:F000- 060 Small Fairy Fountain
02F6:D000:02F7:9DA0- 061 Magic Fairy Fountain
02BE:9000:02BF:6820- 062 Grottos
02F5:6000:02F5:6A90- 063 Grave (1)
033F:6000:0340:3090- 064 Grave (2)
0346:3000:0346:7AE0- 065 Royal Family's Tomb
02C8:A000:02C9:62C0- 066 Shooting Gallery
02B2:4000:02B3:67A0- 067 Temple of Time Inside
02B0:C000:02B0:F8F0- 068 Chamber of Sages
02CC:A000:02CD:B390- 069 Castle Courtyard (Day)
0343:F000:0344:80F0- 070 Castle Courtyard (Night)
02E6:3000:02E6:6D50- 071 Cutscene Map
0329:B000:032A:9270- 072 Dampe's Grave
0333:2000:0334:46E0- 073 Fishing Pond
030D:9000:030D:CA20- 074 Zelda's Courtyard
0344:D000:0345:BB20- 075 Bowling Alley
0349:9000:0349:FC10- 076 Talon's House
034B:E000:034C:A550- 077 Lots'o Pots
034C:F000:034D:9A20- 078 Granny's Potion Shop
0353:5000:0353:E070- 079 Final Battle against Ganon
0357:B000:0357:C610- 080 Skulltula House
027D:6000:0280:0220- 081 Hyrule Field
0281:7000:0283:3150- 082 Kakariko Village
0283:E000:0284:9C80- 083 Graveyard
0286:B000:0287:6560- 084 Zora River
0288:D000:0289:E240- 085 Kokiri Forest
028C:A000:028D:ED60- 086 Sacred Forest Meadow
028E:9000:0290:4430- 087 Lake Hylia
0291:0000:0291:9820- 088 Zora's Domain
0292:E000:0293:F6A0- 089 Zora's Fountain
0294:9000:0295:A160- 090 Gerudo Valley
0296:4000:0297:4430- 091 Lost Woods
029A:4000:029B:D4E0- 092 Desert Collusus
029C:B000:029D:AE80- 093 Gerudo's Fortress
029F:A000:029F:FE30- 094 Haunted Wasteland
02A1:4000:02A2:C500- 095 Hyrule Castle
02A3:B000:02A5:9A90- 096 Death Mountain
02A6:5000:02A7:4EE0- 097 Death Mountain Crater
02A8:F000:02A9:9450- 098 Goron City
02D7:F000:02D9:0E20- 099 Lon Lon Ranch
02CE:7000:02CE:BB70- 100 Ganon's Tower (Outside)
035B:3000:035B:6E20- 101 Collison Testing Arena
0354:4000:0354:44B0- 102 Beshitu
027A:F000:027A:F300- 103 Depth Test
0279:3000:0279:4C00- 104 Stalfos Middle Room
027A:2000:027A:44B0- 105 Stalfos Boss Room
02B5:7000:02B5:7BB0- 106 Dark Link Testing Area
0328:0000:0328:2D10- 107 Beta Castle Courtyard
02D0:0000:02D0:2B20- 108 Action Testing Room
02AF:6000:02AF:A200- 109 Item Testing Room

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