Pokémon Snap

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
This Game Requires A Version 3.0+ Cheat Device
Use Diddy Kong Keycode
1Enable Code (Must Be On)DE000400 0000
F103D8A0 2400
2Activator 1D00489E0 00??
3Activator 2D00489E1 00??
4Dual Activator P1D10489E0 00??
5Press L Button To Pull Mew Closer To Camera1D00489E1 0020
8118C890 4300
6Mew's Green Shield Modifier8034AE4B 000?
7Mew's Yellow Shield Modifier8034AE4F 000?
8Press L For Point Modifier For Size2D00489E1 00??
81232E52 ????
9Press L For Fake Score ModifierD00489E1 0020
81232E6A ????
10Press L For Fake Report Score Modifier3D00489E1 0020
81232F60 00??
D00489E1 0020
81232F62 ????
11Always Have 65535 Types Of Pokémon When Multiplying For The Score48024A1DB FFFF
12Have All Levels810C2212 0006
13Have Apple803AE51F 0001
14Have Apple & Bomb803AE51F 0002
15Have Apple, Bomb & Flute803AE51F 0004
16Have Rocket Boost (R Button)803AE51F 0020
17Rapid-Fire Apples and PesterBalls80382CB7 0000
18Hide First Digit In Roll Of Film80388F5A 009D
19See Entire Introduction Fully & Various In-Game Effects81049C7E 025A
20Missing Polygons81049C7C FCF6
21Can't See Some Pokémon8120A2AC 453F
22Dizzy Wold Modifier581040CFA ????
23Unlimited Film6800AC0E3 0000
Stop Movement In Levels
24Press L To Stop On Beach Level7D00489E1 0020
802020F5 0001
25Press L To Stop On Tunnel LevelD00489E1 0020
801DDC55 0001
26Press L To Stop On Volcano LevelD00489E1 0020
801FC5C5 0001
27Press L To Stop On River LevelD00489E1 0020
801EF96D 0001
28Press L To Stop On Cave LevelD00489E1 0020
80202225 0001
29Press L To Stop On Valley LevelD00489E1 0020
801D9ABD 0001
30Sound Modifier800E8375 000?
31Control Stick Modifier800E8396 000?
32Z-Button Switch Modifier800E8395 000?

1Use the code, then when you get Mew out of his ball, hold the L button and he should be right at the side of you!
2With this code, you must press and hold the L Button from the time it says 'How's The Size?' and then after it shows your 'Total' has gone up, let go of the L Button.
3With this code, you must press and hold this on the screen where says, 'No. of PKMN seen' & 'Report Score', and then after it shows the Report Score, let go of the L Button.
4You MUST empty your roll of film, and each picture MUST have at least one Pokémon in it (it doesn't matter if it's in the center though).
50943 - No Pokémon
0E44 - Pester/Mew's Pokéball Is Bigger
6...and to think that the game adds a number to this address to decrease the number of shots you have left on your roll of film...the code is not "perfect," since it decreases the number of shots left the first time you take a picture in a level, but it doesn't decrease after that.
7For these `Press L To Stop On...' codes press start to start moving again.

Code Master1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Zelda9782@aol.com6, 7, 18
Zuut Suit Ryan11
Crock (of shit)16
GSHQ19, 20, 21, 22
Icy Guy23
AntGalore30, 31, 32