Custom Robo V2 (J)

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Player 1: All Stuff Available150003802 0000
810F4230 FFFF
2All Multiplayer Stages (Except Final 3 - You Get Those Through Solo)810F429A 03FF
810F429C FFFF
810F429E FFFF
810F42A0 FFFF
3All Equipment Unlocked50001402 0000
810F40B0 FFFF
4All Equipment Registered50001402 0000
810F40D8 FFFF
5All Equipment Unhighlighted50001402 0000
810F4100 FFFF
6Player 1: All Help/Notes Available50000602 0000
810F409C FFFF
7Have All Three Final Arenas2810F429A 03FF
810F429C FFFF
810F429E FFFF
810F42A0 FFFF
800F426F 00FF
800F42AF 00FF
8Jameson, Not Dark Ray II38115A452 379C
8015A55B 00BC
9Dark Ray II, Not Ray II8015A355 0006
8115A356 1C64
8115A45E 2AAC
10Player 1's Side Invincible811FC00C 447A
11Player 2's Side Invincible811FC034 447A

1It actually modifies your save file. That will make all the multiplayer stages available, as well as unlocking every part. The actual breakdown is:
2There are more than the ones listed, but there probably aren't level select images for them. This adds the Practice Stage, Rocky Mountains, and Boy's Bathroom to the list all multiplayer arenas available.
3Let the intro run into one of the movies. Otherwise, multiplayer locks after selecting your suits.

zoinkity1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11